Trumpism unleashed a toxic tidal wave of white resentment, and mainstreamed social norms that reward racist, anti-semitic, and sexist bigotry because it “triggers the libs.”

None of it is going to wash or rinse away for, I fear, decades. The toxic weeds were of course always there to begin with, they infect people for a generation or more, and thanks to social media, right wing media, and even foreign actors the racists/trolls have a huge positive social reinforcement mechanism no matter how closeted, shunned, or isolated they may be in real life .

Assuming Trump doesn’t start an actual civil war and instead leaves office, his toxic cult will almost certainly double down, possibly even returning stronger and more determined in 4 years driven by even more spite and revenge.

I don’t know — does anyone?—how to cure such a massive, malignant disease.

All this, by the way, in addition to existing structural racism and unconscious bias, which are separate problems.

How do you cure a rabid ethno-nationalist, populist army of beliefs and behaviors that they have never seen as wrong? And how do you liberate the mob from their paleoconservative puppet masters and mega-donor class who are are all too happy to continue feeding them rocket fuel to win their ultimate battle against the left?

What’s a white ally to do? What’s anyone to do?